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SouthPark, The End Of Obesity, May 24th, 2024, Baby! OMG, SouthPark is soooo funny, right on the money, hilarious from the very first episode, to the latest episodes of SouthPark! #ParamountPlus @SouthPark #SouthPark

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Catch up on every South Park exclusive event before streaming SOUTH PARK: THE END OF OBESITY
May 24 on Paramount+
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Oh, man, we can HARDLY WAIT for the new SouthPark - ah'hahaha! #TheEndOfObesity 😂🤣 Finally - LOL!

I want to make sure everybody gets in there and watches @SouthPark

Go back to the very first Episode of #SouthPark - you'll laugh like crazy, and you'll be SHOCKED, shocked, I tells ya, at how SouthPark saw into the future, way before most of us knew anything about it - plus, I really love Butters - haha! And Randy! @tegridyfarms

OMG, Eric Cartman tries to take Ozempic - lol!

Catch up on every South Park exclusive event before streaming SOUTH PARK: THE END OF OBESITY May 24 on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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How To Handle A Fall, or Other Medical Emergencies, Bidets For Home, Hospitals, Care Homes, BioBidet, Healthcare, Medical Assistance, Eldercare, and, Bidets for Everyone! Lol! Medical Care Alert, Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

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Medical Emergency

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So, we just went through a very scary Medical Emergency with my lovely Dad - he had taken a couple of bad falls, and my Mum was right there to call 911, and the Emergency Healthcare Workers were fantastic, got him right into the hospital - The Peninsula Hospital, out in Saanich, close to Sidney-By-The-Sea, near Victoria, BC, Canada 

All of the doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, everyone involved in his care, were wonderful, and the hospital, itself, was so lovely! One floor, surrounded by beautiful grounds, including a Rose Garden, right in the hospital - how amazing is THAT? So amazing! 

The fast response of my Mother was instrumental in saving my Dad's Life, so that made me VERY aware of the need for an Easy and Quick Response, if there is ever a fall - or other Medical Event. 

I didn't know, before my Dad had taken a bad fall, that a fall could be caused by a sudden lack of breath, difficulty breathing. 

I'd never heard of that, before, so that is something to be aware of, for yourself, your parents, or your grandparents - let's keep everybody safe, happy, and healthy! 

This Medical Care Alert is not dependent on having an iPhone or Cell Phone, Landline, Internet or Wi-Fi, so you can immediately call for help, Contact HELP, anywhere, any time! 

(Little joke for you, there! Lol!)

That is a Game-Changer! Stay Safe! Get Help when you need it! 

The Medical Care Alert, Emergency Response Systems would be very functional for a lot of people, all ages, to be on the safe side!

Measuring Heart Rate could save your life!

This is for Americans, or if you are traveling in the USA, 
United States of America.

Medical Care Alert is a leading, national provider of Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) for seniors. 

Unlike other PERS companies, all of our agents are EMT/EMD-certified and based in the USA in three secure monitoring centers.

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Smart Watch with Fall Detection for Seniors

Smart watch for seniors tells time, calls for emergency help, measures steps and heart rate. 
Fall Detection available!
No landline, personal cell phone, internet or 
Wi-Fi required!

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Medical Alert with GPS - Home & Away MINI
Medical Alert System with GPS for seniors with optional fall detection feature!
Works in all 50 states!

HOME & AWAY ULTRA GPS Medical Alert System 

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The next thing that I learned, from being in the hospital, visiting my Father, and seeing how the hospital operated, so-to-speak, it occurred to me that all hospital rooms should have a Bidet in the Bathroom! 

And people who need help in the bathroom, anybody, any age, any ability, but especially folks with Special Needs (I'm a Special Education Teacher, so I'm always thinking about people with Special Needs, and how to make their lives better, and easier, for themselves, and for their families and caretakers!), temporary or otherwise... having more control over yourself, and your personal care needs, is great for personal hygiene, and greater independence! 
: )

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Bio Bidet

Pearl Handheld Bidet Sprayer

BB-270 Duo

Prodigy Smart Toilet

Bliss BB-2000 

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Stock Market Information I wish I had known, YEARS Ago! Lol! #StockMarket #Stocks #StocksToBuy How To Buy Stocks, How to Buy Shares in the Stock Market! #Money #MakeMoney #Investing #JAGX #LUNR

Stock Market Information I wish I had known, YEARS Ago!

#StockMarket #Stocks #StocksToBuy How To Buy Stocks, How to Buy Shares in the Stock Market! #Money #MakeMoney #Investing 

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Wow, so I JUST learned about the Stock Market, and I wish I had known all of this information, years ago - what a difference this wouldda made to my Life!

So I'm here to tell you whatever I learn, that will help you with YOUR Life, so you can make a lot more money, learn how to invest your money - even putting a little bit of money into the Stock Market, with the idea that you will, mostly, BUY and HOLD 

You can sell, of course, when you want to, but it feels like, when you say to yourself, Okay, this is an investment for Life, you'll manage the waves, the highs and lows, in the Stock Market, and keep your head straight, just keep thinking, 
"It's gonna go go way back up", if your stocks go down - you know they will Rise Again - lol!

I got into the Stock Market, when I was able to remove some money from an old Pension Account, that was too small an amount to provide any kind of pension, for me, so I could take it out as a lump sum.

Then I found out I could only use that pension money, to grow it into more money, hopefully, if I put the pension money into an SDRSP Account

An SDRSP Account is a Self-Directed RRSP Account, in Canada 

In America, they have all sorts of MUCH easier ways to get into the Stock Market, and start buying Stock Shares, asap! Yay! 

I'll see if I can find some good places where you can invest your money, and I hope you get RICH, Baby! 

Before I got started in the Stock Market, I got some wonderful information from my most delightful li'l friend, Melinda - she is sooo smart! Yay for Smart Friends! I hope you have great friends you can learn from, too! 

So Melinda had said to me to think about buying 1,000 shares 

This was a game-changer for me - I would never have thought to buy 1,000 shares! LOL!

AND, for me to look at the Dividends, to make sure I developed an income from the Stock Shares, outside of the stock price going up or down - Yahoo Finance is the best information page, for me, it's free, it's a very clear page of information, in real time, for you to go in and look at any stock you like, or feel drawn to : ) 

I had to wait soooo long for the pension money to come through, and THEN I had to wait another month, from the time the pension money had 'arrived' at my bank, and the time it was actually deposited into my SDRSP Account, so that, ironically enough, gave me the extra time to study the Stock Market, and that's how I found LUNR, which I LOVE

So I bought 5,000 shares of JAGX, because I liked their products, and I love Jaguars, the beautiful animals, and the beautiful cars - lol! 

You can choose your stocks according to all the information you find out about them, and you can go with your gut - see what stocks speak to you - you'll have so much fun investing in the Stock Market! Yahoo!! 

Take Charge of Your OWN Future! 

Since I have 5,000 shares of JAGX, every time the JAGX Stock Price goes up $0.10, 10 cents, I make $500 USD! Yippee!

Isn't that AMAZING? So exciting! 

AND, you're helping people get new products, which is life-changing for them, too! #WinWin!

Jaguar Health, Inc. (JAGX) #Nasdaq USD $0.1228 + $0.0325 (+36.1915%) As of 10:46AM Market open Volume: 100,000,110 Oh My GOODNESS! Look what one of my favorite Stocks is doing, today! Yay!! Over 100 MILLION in Volume! I hold 5,000 Shares in $JAGX 😍📈💰🎉

Wow, so you know how I was talking about #JAGX $JAGX, yesterday?
So, today, JAGX, Jaguar Health, is WAAAY over
611 MILLION in Volume, today!
Wow, These are amazing numbers!

Volume: 530,113,835+ 🤯📈🎉🎉🎉

Avg. Volume: 46,558,024

JAGX is up 43%+, today! Yay!

The #StockMarket is VERY exciting - I hope you get into the stock market, even in a small way, go ahead and get started, asap, Baby!

#JaguarHealth is making HUGE strides in helping people dealing with Chemo, Cancer, and I hope they extend to some off-label solutions to other health concerns, namely for Female Sexual Health, to solve the serious problem of painful intercourse #sex #menopause

@Jaguar_Health #StockMarket #StocksToBuy #stocks #HealthAndWellness #Cancer #chemotherapy #Chemo #Health #HealthcareInnovation #healthcare
#SexualHealth @elonmusk @X

This is my current Stock Portfolio:

My Portfolio & Markets
Recently Viewed
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Jaguar Health, Inc.


Intuitive Machines, Inc.


Trump Media & Technology Group Corp.


North European Oil Royalty Trust


Hyliion Holdings Corp.


Ocean Biomedical, Inc.


Argonaut Gold Inc.


Cara Therapeutics, Inc.


TC Biopharm (Holdings) Plc


Ocugen, Inc.


Heart Test Laboratories, Inc.


Palisade Bio, Inc.


Energy Transfer LP


FuelCell Energy, Inc.

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