Saturday, October 23, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua, Running Wilde & Jerry Brown, Best Legs in Town! lol!

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010. So there you are! I wondered where you were, and here, you've been sitting here all along!! I will call you 'Lucky', in that every time I happen to 'find' something special, I immediately label it 'Lucky'... like, say, you're sailing around the world, doo-do-doo, having a nice time, the occasional sailor pegs out from malnutrition, but you're the Captain, so no worries... and BAM!, you 'find' a new country -- WooHoo! Really, I think it's 'lucky' that Columbus didn't also call everything he found, LUCKY. 'Cause then when you lived in America, say, a mere hundreds of years later, and they said, Oh, where are you from (people are always asking that sort of direct question... quickly followed by a series of overly personal questions about your credit score, and whatnot...), you would have to say, Lucky, The Land of Luck (hey, isn't that Ireland?? haha!. They wouldn't understand, and a fight would ensue. Whatever. You would still be the lucky one, since you would LIVE in Lucky, and at the very least, would be called a Luckian.... can you imagine how well the casinos would do?? hahahaha! Anyway, I'm thinking about that because we just 'celebrated' Columbus Day, and of course I taught my students the lesson of the controversy around Columbus 'finding' America, and now we're getting closer to the American Thanksgiving... we still celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving, since we are just 3 little Canadians, wanting to go home... :) Why does God want me to stay in America, if God, is, indeed, helping us to sell our house (He's probably busy dealing with people with NO homes, and He'll get to the peoples -- us -- who just want to sell one home, switch it out for something waaay bigger and fancier! lol!)?

You know what? As soon as we get to move back home to Canada, and buy that giant beautiful house with a fenced in back yard, the very first thing to do is to buy a dog (a really, really cute dog -- something little, like a puppy...!), but wouldn't Lucky be a great name for your dog?? You could say, inappropriately, to whoever is standing next to you, 'Hey, could you go get Lucky?" And they'd look at you like there was definitely something seriously wrong with you, but you'd say, "The DOG, sicko...' (and it's critical that you remain self-righteous, too... it'll fall flat if you kill yourself laughing every time -- wait for da joke to be over, then laugh yourself silly, 'til your guest leaves in disgust.. then you get your whole house to yourself and your new puppy -- what could be better??!). Anyway, I think you know that I would be happy to go on and on with 'Lucky' jokes, (purely for my own amusement! lol!), but I have real stuff to talk about... concerning TV, 'n everything. You know, the stuff that really matters to me... ;)

So here's what has gotten my knickers in a knot, so-to-speak, today... you know how last week, I happened to beg you to watch Running Wilde, the truly hilarious new show on Tuesday nights with Will Arnett (2 t's? I wish I weren't soo lazy as to not bother to look that up, first...Sowwy!), Andy Richter, David Cross... sooo many hilarious actors... the best writing and acting in a comedy since Arrested Development (well, I love Modern Family, too, but you get where I'm going with this...). So Cara told me they cancelled Running Wilde! WTF??? What is wrong with these Networks?? Will another Network pick it up? Cara told me it looked like they won't even play Running Wilde THIS WEEK, like they thought, "This is FUNNY, actually ENTERTAINING, we better get this off the air as quickly as possible...' Ugh. Makes me hate the Networks. Really, it's not a million times better than Outsourced? Puh-leeease. (Outsourced has it's good moments, but it doesn't hold a candle to Running Wilde... that show is hysterical, laugh out loud funny... and it needs to be back on TV.)

So what do you do when a great new show is dropped, just like that? Was there an angry mob, like the Christian Right (I find that name offensive... LOTS of Christians are normal, funny, NOT Republican (not that there's anything wrong with Republicans... many are kind, normal human beings, it's the Christian Right who want to be in charge of what everyone else gets to watch, and that is not okay with me... if they would like the read the Bible all night, every night, have at 'er, but perhaps we only want to read it once a week....or you are in an entirely different religion, here in AMERICA, Land of the FREE... see where I'm going with this? I wonder if it was the super-gay car wash scene, or the mano-a-mano kiss that got them? Pleeease, it's comedy, it's all for a laugh, no harm done... but I haven't really heard why the network (FOX?) pulled it so quickly, but I'd like to know, if they ever have to give their reasons... and more importantly, I'd just like to see the show, Running Wilde, back on the air...)... which reminds me, if you live in California, please consider voting for Jerry Brown, Best Legs in Town... I think that's the campaign he ran on... his legs, anyway... yuff, yuff! But at least he supports the Unions, which is critical, and it's a GOOD thing that he doesn't support the Death Penalty, what with the massive amount of racism/bigotry/'if you're rich you can get off with anything' situation in the courts, here, so only the poorest of the poor would die, anyway (I'm not a fan of an unfair legal system...). We need continued Union Support from the Gov't, since the government in California has done enough damage to teachers (me!!) by giving us (and many other Gov't workers) Furlough Days, which dropped my wages by 10% this year, and God Knows Teachers are barely making a living wage... that's a great way to take great teachers out of the teaching profession -- take away the unions, impoverish them, they'll leave the field in droves, and THEN how strong will your country be?? Please, people need to Think Ahead... and this notion of paying teachers according to how well their students do -- ridiculous. Fantastic if you are dealing with all rich kids, coming from rich homes, having the best of everything... maybe Meg Whitman's house... but you cannot apply that in a system where the money GOES to the richest kids' schools, is not shared fairly, where the kids come in wondering where they might live, tonight, or will they ever find a family who will accept them, forever... we have a tremendous number of students in the Foster Care System, and they have much bigger issues on their minds than Geometry II... I hope to God that Jerry Brown gets voted in in the November Elections in California -- wish I could vote, too, but I am a little visiting Canadian, looking from the outside, in... and I see a lot of trouble... but it can be fixed with good solid, decent governing. Man, oh man, am I on a soap box, tonight! Think it's about time for me to crack open a Strawberry Dacquiri -- the perfect cure for all that ails ye! hahaha!
Omg, this is getting long, and here I wanted to talk about Survivor, too... I loove Survivor, and I love how wussie this little group is... the kids vs. the oldies... hilarious! Not too many are actually kids OR oldies, so that's my favorite part! Poor arrogant Marty... that drives me craaazy when someone goes to Tribal Council with an immunity idol in their POCKET, and doesn't use it out of sheer arrogance. Sooo funny. I particularly love it when their arrogant assses are voted right on out of Survivor, but that's just me -- not a giant fan o' da arrogant assses! hahahaha! I really like the Doctor, Jill (seems very level-headed, and I like that in a person), and I like 'Fabio'... he seems like a good kid...honest, at the very least... I cannot stand that horrible little Brenda -- ugh, so conniving (and her lips are icky, probably from a lack of smiling over the course of her entire life), and what is up with keeping Danny, when everyone knows he has massive wealth?? Why not keep Jimmy Johnson, then? At least he was a lot of fun to watch, and you felt like you might learn a little something while you were watching youse favorite trashy Survivor?? It it Holly, the one with the googly eyes? Man, I wish they would do a little skit on SNL about her, and this new cast, this season -- there are some real crazies, but Holly is like a made-up character, you wouldn't really think someone would be that bizarre in real life, but I guess that's what makes Survivor sooo much fun to watch -- you're so thankful to be in your own livingroom, with no shortage of popcorn and chocolate (and beer!), so you can sit back and just watch the misery happen -- what a fun night! lol! Okay, I gots ta bounce, Baby! Enjoy watching whatever it is you like to watch, just remember to always over-indulge! hahaha! Love & Luck, (and Money!!), Ailsa xox

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