Thursday, April 21, 2011

Survivor, Redemption Island: Phillip Plays The Race Card

Omg, is Phillip completely losin' it out there on Survivor??  He's got that crazy feather on his forehead (not a good start, and often a dead giveaway of further problems... lol!), he's communing with his Grandfather and somehow he's connected that to Rob (super-weird).  Poor guy.  He's been going downhill steadily since those girls wouldn't pay him the attention they readily gave to Rob, and it really looked like he was going to be voted off very quickly, at the beginning, with his crazy antics, and now Phillip's at a whole new level of Crazy, with a capital 'C'... but man, using the Race Card, and using the 'n' word, the most reprehensible of all the words... but you never know someone's history, personal and being African American in America (a very different experience from being black and living elsewhere in the world, where the colour of someone's skin is not the issue it is in the US... a sad state of affairs, in 2011, to be sure... ).  Hard to watch.  And I felt for Steve, too, because he is clearly not a racist, and in no way implied anything like that... but very interesting that Jeff Probst talked openly at the Tribal Council -- too often, people are afraid to bring up the issue, but there it is, alive and well, still sitting there.

I've been reading The Help, by Kathryn Stockett, this week, and man, is it a powerful book.  I happened upon it in an article by Stephen King, where he gave a list of his favorite new books... so lucky, becasue I hadn't heard of The Help before that, and I'll tell you, I can't put it down.  It's one of those great reads you're always looking for, and it deals with the Civil Rights Movement, a subject matter near and dear to my heart. I am horrified by the racism I see in California... it's shocking.

So back to Survivor... what's the deal on Redemption Island, now?  If three people were there, and two survive the contest (Mike and Matt), then Julie is sent over to Redemption Island, tonight, and two people always remain after the 'dual', does that mean that eventually two people will come back onto Survivor??  Would be sooo cool, and a real twist to the usual Survivor Strategy... interesting, right?  Would change everything up, and would definitely knock Rob off his Kingly pedestal.  I am always surprised when any Survivor refers to themselves as the king of anything, or even as the leader, since they are usually the next to go, but Rob is covered in Immunity Idols, lucky dog! 

Well, we'll see what happens to Phillip, next week.  He seems to be unravelling in front of our eyes.. going stir-crazy, perhaps? Happens to the best of us, in confined spaces.  Will be interesting to see how many feathers he has in his 'cap', next week... oh, and that whole Rice deal was ludicrous... why would anyone even ask if they could put their maggot-infested, sandy rice in with someone else's rice, people they have openly ostracized, then be shocked when they said, uh, nooo...?  That is crazy.  Full on crazy. And from my own experience, crazy has no colour... it's open for anyone...

Okay, 'til next week... or the next show that catches my attention enough to write! lol!  Ailsa xox

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